Xuantian emperor belief


The first is the nature worship of Xuantian emperor belief in the North Star, after being attached to various gods and become a popular legend calendar, people

Chongxin sea god, the God of water, protection of children and slaughter the patron saint of god.

Xuantian emperor belief is very common in Taiwan, and the incoming time early, coupled with political force added attention.

Lian. In addition, the original form of Xuantian emperor is quite peculiar, which is rich in interesting stories, might as well come to know.

Legend, the peculiar form of Xuantian emperor Xuanwu "formerly known as", the legend of God calendar very much, in addition to the Arctic legend of God, a

Said it was a country ancient prince, abandon the throne, in Taihe mountain practice for 42 years, finally immortal. The Taihe mountain has been renamed from then on

When the mountain, because of the non Xuanwu, not when the mountain ", therefore, in the Qing Dynasty, was" demoted "Xuandi slaughter patron.

Folk legends also have multiple versions, one that Xuandi is the predecessor of the butcher, his feeling of too much killing, deep remorse

I am determined to go to Wudang Mountains. On the way to meet the delivery woman incarnation of Guanyin will then Xuandi knife laparotomy, remove viscera

I hope a wash of sin, it finally moved heaven, the Du xian.

The original form "with Xuandi, barefoot, sword, foot tortoise and snake", is also the legend of. It is said that the plague

God ascended to heaven, that is abandoned by organs of turtles and snakes to harm people, specially to Shoufu xuandi. As a result of fierce fighting

So that the crown is lost, and the appearance. But Taiwan folk believe in the gods but do the emperor Xuandi dress, style.

Taste loss.

Ming Zheng: The Legend of Ming Dynasty's founding patron saint Zu Jing difficult battle, have Tien God help,

The imperial room is to be regarded as the patron saint of the regime. So when Zheng Chenggong entered the platform in 1661, see the geographical shape of the Anping area

The potential like Shepan around like a turtle, Xuandi sits like Italy, think of God for instructions, is widely built in Taiwan Tien God temple,

"Think of the town of this state."

In addition, the legend of Chen Yonghua founded the heaven and earth society, engaged in anti fuming work on the surface to worship the Xuandi name,

Liaison friends, development organizations. Therefore, Xuantian emperor belief is so popular in Taiwan will have no relevance, heaven and earth.