The original text of Longmen heart law


Heart law true words

In the two years of Kangxi, the year in the Kuo Mao, the October Ji, Konyo Ko said to ring in Jinling Bi Yuan. That proper coagulation Shao Shoushan, Zhan Shouchun said: "I would Zitiao for years, know life is not real, illusion of impermanence, to avoid reincarnation, early to repair the road. But although not nearly guangchengzi Kongtong, Xu Peng Island meet; non human body can get away. Be sure to stay away from pollution, sweep the dust, wash clean heart, Juan Zhi LV, pass the node learning and Sunian such as ash, out to body and false root truncation. All the rest of the interest, all from the precepts step by step, the worry to the empty, know from the wisdom of the layer of layers to see. Pull out the open set, look through it to endure. It is to erect the eyebrows, hand to cut the love knife; let go of the footsteps, go straight to the world. Turn over is turned over from the release cycle, net. Compassion does not obliterate the ancient cloud from the degree of his ci; may remain, I want that degree of self."

"Remember this visit seeking truth, who meet the Master Wang Wu. EN covered Sambo, Qinwen magic; under a physical battle, ascetic self-cultivation. To the supreme king, to the wonderful road. When every spirit, an eternal Qingping, smelly, chinari rare. Dare not explain the three treasures, answer four en! As few as insignificant to lose the heart of the Ming, chat."

"Is to not forget the blasphemy of trespass, Tan said ring; Mo avoid laugh ridicule slander enkyo talk. Not only sell good, evil doubts. Tianlv not frivolous speech, but in respect to the road. I will be in Longmen seventh generation family tradition, to the public. To Lubi yuan a day straight cavity, plymouth. I dare not say the name. Now we will teach you, to lead the fool, to clarify the right way. "

"On the multiplier, bright eye is being under expert, fortunately, is to take the CI experience, to confirm its smell, I would like to also."

Zi Wen is the training, the rite and the retreat, the order of the East and the West.

So Guangling disciple Shi Shouping Li Songyue: "the original method cannot because the heart, the heart is empty without law. Now his heart is the heart, law centered method to empty. To specify the law circle, where the heart is to realize the sacred heart. The heart law method of heart and heart method, the free heart free is the bosom sound.